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Attraction doesn't mean Expensive

Airbnb homes will be used my multiple people with multiple interests and needs. It is important to decorate to attract as many guests as possible by offering as much as possible. We have learned how to decorate on a budget using multiple venues to obtain beautiful furniture and accessories.

When a potential guest is looking for a vacation home the first thing they are looking at is pictures of homes. You will have a few seconds to attract the eye before they move onto another home.

Color and style are very attractive as well as adding amennities to your home that other homes may not have.

Most guests are very respectful and will take care of your home, but there are a handful who will not. Regardless, your home furnishings will still receive wear and tear. For this reason, it is not always necessary to buy new furnishings. For example, you can purchase a used dining table and chairs that is like new. You will save money and the table and chairs will still serve its purpose. Here's an example of a used table and chairs I picked up.

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